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Usertech is a creative startup agency whose product and service craftsmanship are founded upon digital innovation, functionality and experience. Since it's foundation, our team has expanded into an multitude of skills, each stiffened by years of participation and observation.


Usertech is founded by Jan Beránek and Jiří Týn in Ostrava.


First project - full web solution for a luxurious Jet Set Caffé.


We are working really hard.


Our first birthday, Yay! 25 projects executed.


We are working really hard again. (not that we stopped at any point really)


We start official cooperation with Bison and Rose, a PR agency from Burson Marsteller network.


Cooperation with exclusive tourist guide publisher DW publishing resulting in creation of digital presence and strategy for both their tourist titles.


Our first ever hybrid mobile application for PRE Group, an energy giant in the Czech Republic.


First iPad application for Japan Tobacco International for Camel Curve product launch


We are launching social media care service across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram


Built on successful cooperation on xPaper project, we created a closed startup and idea hub between Usertech and Creative Dock called Creative Studio.


In partnership with Crazy Tomato, we are launching a rich media advertising product called AdTractive.


We are starting work on Singlecase, eHotel, Sečteno startups.


Japan Tobacco International choses us as their only digital agency for long-term cooperation.


Based on close cooperation with Branding Magazine, we are launching their iPad app.

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From the inception of Usertech we were trying to push our boundaries and build digital goods that were ahead of time and what we've done before. Let's do this together!
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Based on our experience with hundreds of digital projects we were able to distill great tools and processes that enable us to iterate quickly and deliver quality in an unprecedented time.
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The know how and the zeal of our team combined is what drives us to constantly build new things and cooperate with successful startups.
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Branding Magazine


Branding Magazine is a fast growing online publication based in New York. We got together to create a Newsstand iPad application that would enable BM to seamlessly synchronize their Wordpress content to the app and enable their customers to purchase premium content. We were responsible for both the design and the technical solution.

Camel Activate


We created an iPad application for JT International to support Camel Activate launch. The app was designed for 1-2-1 communication mainly in music clubs. It contains a game and a hostess interface for keeping data about players and gifts the hostess gives out.

Classic Shoes

Website presentation

We developed a website and graphic design for a luxury men shoes boutique. By combining interior photos of the boutique and the web structure, we created unique graphical ambience getting the viewer in touch with the shop's character. The design was also used for print advertisment.

Night & Day Magazine

Web and mobile solutions

For DW Publishing we created a website of Night & Day magazine. Nigh & Day is a tourist guide distributed in big cities around the world containing useful and interesting information for visitors. The website's structure is designed according the magazine and allows the user to find any necessary information quickly and easily. The web content is linked to a mobile application designed for iOS and Android.


Mobile platform

Avenue is a finely tuned hybrid development framework based on HTML5, CSS3 and PhoneGap. We have completely refrained from using any sort of framework and rewritten every piece of the user experience by hand in order to achieve the highest performance while retaining the possibility of multiplatform development.


Web development platform

Seed is our main development tool. All our web and mobile solutions are based on it. We have been developing and perfecting the system for the past four years. It even predates the foundation of Usertech and as of 2013 we have completely rewritten it and made it even more awesome.


Interactive rich media ads

AdTractive is a rich media advertising solution based on state-of-the-art web and mobile technologies. It enables flexible modifications based on clients needs and the type of monitoring required.


DMS for lawyers

SingleCase is a next-gen document management system for lawyers. Designed around a timeline of the case with all the changes clearly visible. It heavily cuts down on agenda and simplifies overview and orientation in the case.


Management reporting made simple

Sečteno ("Summed up") is a service that acts as both your bank and your accountant. The application beautifully displays graphical reports from your accounting data so that you actually understand what is going on with your business. Given by the knowledge of your accounting the bank can tailor much more personal offers which would be much harder to reach without the service.


Hotel booking startup

We joined eHotel in December 2013 to lead the product and business. We are continuously improving it from a strategy as well as technical point of view. Stay tuned!

Avenue Source

Multiplatform Mobile Development Solution

Based our Avenue technology, Avenue Source is a subscription-based, multi-platform solution that enables the rapid development of mobile applications. It's main customers are non-digital agencies and mobile developers.


Web application

We gave life to the digital part of xPaper. xPaper is a service designed to simplify document management in small and medium businesses. Your physical documents are sent to xPaper, we digitize them, run them through Optical Character Recognition, index them and make them available online for you. You can then search in fulltext, share them and get reminders.


Field sales support

The first product coming out of the cooperation in Creative Studio startup hub. Salescase connects to your CRM or you can import and manage meetings for your sales team inside the web interface. We have a companion mobile application for iOS and Android that is used for realtime reporting of a sales meeting status as well as a handy comparison among sales people in a particular company.

Avenue Social

DIY multiplatform solution for bloggers

Avenue Social is a subscription-based, multi-platform solution that connects to your social channels, blogs and static content.


Ing. Jan Beránek

CEO, Co-Founder

+420 721 718 931

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Mgr. Jiří Týn

Partner, Co-Founder

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